BTS Jungkook to perform OP for ‘My Hero Academia’? It’s a dream collab for anime fans and ARMYs

Published June 15, 2021, 10:43 AM

by Angie Chui

After the success of labelmates Tomorrow X Together (TXT) when their Japanese song “Everlasting Shine” was selected as the opening song of anime “Black Clover,” it seems that BTS’ Jungkook is next in line to serve an anime opening for “My Hero Academia.”

Jungkook, who is an anime fan who watches shows like “Slam Dunk”, “Attack on Titan”, and “Haikyu” in his spare time, has long been requested by fans to work on an anime opening song.

In a recent interaction with the official My Hero Academia Twitter @MHAofficial, an ARMY asked when the BTS maknae would be invited to perform the opening track of the anime.

The admin immediately replied: “When I get Jungkook from BTS email.” The admin made a follow-up answer when a fan encouraged them to get in touch with the BTS member as soon as possible.

“Bestie, I would if I could,” the My Hero Academia admin sassily responded, indicating a strong interest for the collaboration.

ARMYs and anime fans were quick to express their excitement over a possible collaboration. It can be recalled that last year, BTS’ song “Stay Gold” was selected as the official theme song of Japanese drama “Spiral Labyrinth – DNA Forensic Investigation”. BTS’ song, “Your Eyes Tell” also became the theme song of a Japanese film of the same name. Jungkook was notably one of the composers who worked on the song.

However, based on the reply of My Hero Academia account, it may take a while before Jungkook’s schedule becomes free enough to work on a collab, especially with a rumored BTS comeback next month.