Beauty queen Mariel L. Argente shares legacy of caring for the poor

Published June 15, 2021, 7:04 AM

by Robert Requintina

Mariel Labiano Argente

It’s not a big role, but beauty queen Mariel Labiano Argente is thrilled about her first movie where she will play a role that’s very close to her heart – a mom who is helping the poor and works for community wellness.

“I am excited about my first film. It’s an independent movie, actually. We have started shooting, and we will shoot more scenes,” said the Mrs. ModelMom Globe 2021 winner during an exclusive interview on Monday.

Mariel’s first movie is entitled “Meantime Mamas” with Cris Pablo at the helm.

Despite joining the movies, the doting mother from Real, Quezon and caring Samaritan to the poor is still active in charity missions.

Mariel, 31, is a hotel and restaurant management graduate at the University of Manila. In 2015, she was affiliated with a sub-construction business. This paved the way for the opening of her perfumery store called 8th Avenue Boutique “The House of Luxurious Brands” in 2020. She sells authentic, imported and branded perfumes for cheaper prices.

This beauty queen has travelled a lot and enjoyed the traditions of different countries. As Mrs. ModelMom Globe 2021, she wants to be a role model to her only child and become an inspiration to other moms in nurturing their children.

“I am really blessed that I have molded my daughter into what she is today. She is my inspiration in everything I do. I am a firm believer on dutiful practice of quality time. I make it a point to observe time management,” said Mariel.

She added: “There’s a time for work, time for my being a Mrs. ModelMom Globe 2021 and most importantly, time for being a mother to my kid. Although I have other things to attend to, I do not neglect giving quality time and attention to my child.”

Mariel also encouraged other mothers to continue to be an inspiration to their children.

“She is my inspiration for all the things that I aspire, and I can do more when I am inspired. In this time of uncertainty, let us not forget our duty as mother to our children. It is a path that we chose. Let us be reminded and motivated that our children will become who they are in the future with proper care and guidance.”

Mariel vowed to help the poor even if she’s no longer a beauty queen.

“When my term is over as Mrs. ModelMom Globe, I will continue to be of service to the poor. I believed it’s better to give than to receive. I am a devoted charity supporter, specifically to the elderly confined in charity institutions,” she said.

Mariel said that she would rather spend money on feeding the hungry and the needy than hold lavish parties.

“I always take my daughter with me every time I have a charity mission so that she will learn the importance of sharing and giving. That’s the legacy I want to instill in my child,” she added.