Court orders Nadine Lustre to cease and desist from violating contract with VIVA

Published June 14, 2021, 6:01 PM

by Robert Requintina

Nadine Lustre

The Quezon City regional trial court (RTC) issued today, June 14, a resolution granting the Petition for Interim Measures of Protection filed by VIVA Artists Agency, Inc. directing Nadine Lustre to honor and uphold her contractual obligations with VIVA and to cease and desist from entering into contracts and/or performing acts for third parties for her services as an artist/ endorser without VIVA’s consent and participation.

VIVA filed the Petition when Nadine, through her lawyer, unilaterally revoked her agreement with VIVA, claiming that the contract is unconscionable, oppressive, and illegal. In its Resolution, the Court found Nadine’s contract to be valid and subsisting.

According to the Court, ‘ petitioner [VIVA] has established its unequivocal right arising from the subject Revised Agency and Management Agreement. It has established that respondent [Nadine] contracted with them to act as sole and exclusive manager for respondent’s exercise of profession in the show business.”

The contracts entered into by Nadine with VIVA were executed with the assistance and presence of her parents at the time she was a minor.

Nadine’s contracts with VIVA mutually benefitted from their contractual relationship. The Court further said that the contract between the parties is the law between them, and Nadine cannot take the law into her own hands and unilaterally terminate her contract with VIVA.

According to the legal counsel of VIVA, Atty. Paolo Roxas: “With the Court’s ruling, Nadine is precluded from entering into and/or performing contracts involving her services as an artist/endorser, without the consent and participation of VIVA. As provided by her contract, any issue raise by Nadine against VIVA should be the subject of arbitration proceedings.”