Beauty talk with Sue Ramirez

Published June 14, 2021, 7:10 PM

by Robert Requintina

Sue Ramirez

Actress Sue Ramirez is the new face of Kawaii Whitening Soap!

Sue is one of the busiest stars today. Apart from her photo shoots and endorsements, this Irish-Filipino celebrity is preparing for her role in one of the most anticipated television series, “The Broken Marriage Vow.”

“We are ready to shoot anytime soon. It’s still lock-in taping, I guess. But I am excited to be cast in the teleserye,” said Sue, on her upcoming prime-time drama series, during an exclusive interview for the Manila Bulletin Entertainment recently.

While waiting for the series to shoot, Sue shared us her thoughts on beauty, health, and her latest endorsement that will help millions of Filipinas seeking to better themselves.

  • How do you keep your skin healthy and glowing? – “Aside from using Kawaii Whitening Soap, I moisturize a lot and I use sunblock. Sunscreen is important. I take a shower every day. Sometimes I hit the shower twice a day.”

  • How does your beauty routine change from on-screen to off-screen? – “When I am not working, I don’t use lots of products on my face. But when we are taping, I wear a lot of makeup. I also use makeup remover.”
  • Share us some of your beauty secrets – “I drink lots of water. It makes my skin healthy and glowing.”
  • How do you soothe your dry skin? – “It’s very important to moisturize. I encourage everyone to moisturize at an early age to avoid stretch marks and dry patches.”
  • Are you conscious of what you eat? – “For now, no rice. I want to look lean because I am preparing for a teleserye. When I was younger, I could eat any food. But now I am 25, my body is changing. So watch out what you eat. Everything you eat now will affect your future self. I eat junk food every day when I was younger. I still have cheat days. A few days ago, I ate two burgers. I still have those moments. But now, I try to balance the intake of food.”
  • Are you a make-up person? – “My skin doesn’t need a lot of make-up. I try to find certain products that really suit my skin. My skin breaks out if I use heavy make-up. I am really impressed with some people who put lots of make-up. Some products may work for others, but I don’t want to regret in the future, so I try to be gentle with my face. My skin is sensitive.”

  • What is your definition of beauty? – “For me, beautiful is the most comfortable state of yourself. Whenever you are most comfortable, that’s when you are most beautiful.”
Sue Ramirez photos (Facebook)
  • Name some of the most beautiful people you’ve met – “Yam Concepcion is my showbiz crush. There’s also Miss Iza Calzado, walang kupas. Ate Dimples Romana parang she’s not getting older. A lot more. Kathryn Bernardo. They are more beautiful when you see them in person.”

  • The best thing about Kawaii Whitening Soap – “I feel clean and smells fresh when I use Kawaii soap. I use it for my body and face. What I do is I cut the soap into halves – one is for my face while the other for my body. I use it every day and in five days, my skin has greatly improved. Kawaii Whitening Soap has four variants – papaya, green papaya, kojic and glutathione. It is tested by dermatologists and approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”