Shoe technology and the latest styles highlighted in this concept store

Published June 11, 2021, 5:20 PM

by MB Technews

A business doesn’t get to be more than 100 years old by resting on its laurels.

With reimagination at the core of its DNA, Converse last year introduced CX. The latest iteration comes in the form of advances in fit, form, sizing and function through a suite of materials innovations intended to deliver superior comfort. The materials toolkit will inform the way Converse builds its footwear going forward and is acutely dubbed ‘CX.’

The result of years of research and experimentation, CX is an innovative toolkit of materials that will transform the way Converse footwear is made, delivering new levels of comfort.

The CX toolkit delivers through three core elements: CX stretch canvas which is a new material innovation that adapts to a wearer’s foot and enables easy on-off wearability; CX foam which boosts impact absorption to maximize long-lasting comfort; and a new outsole design that provides flexibility and improved durability.

Now you can experience CX, and the best of Converse’s offerings including Chuck iterations like the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star, Chuck 70s, Runstar Hike, and special energy collections as well as its other apparel and accessories at its new concept store in Makati City.


Representing Converse’s support of youth communities and sustainability, this new concept store is inspired by the creative, skate and basketball communities, and features sustainable furnishings and natural imagery. Converse hopes that Filipinos will creatively express themselves and be inspired to drive local change and social progress as they enter the space and take in the ambiance of the store.


Meanwhile, hundreds of products are also available online through the Converse Flagship Store on Lazada. Visit the site now to shop for your favorite models wherever you are.

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