Claudine Barretto on relationship with sisters Marjorie, Gretchen

Published June 11, 2021, 6:49 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Claudine Barretto

In a rare instance, actress Claudine Barretto has talked about her love-hate relationship with sisters Marjorie and Gretchen.

In an interview on “TicTALK with Aster Amoyo,” Claudine described her Ate Gretchen as the “sweetest.”

“She’s very loving, thoughtful, sweet, kind,” said Claudine of her elder sister Gretchen.

Prior, they were not in that kind of relationship, as Gretchen was closer to Marjorie then. But after settling their three-year gap, they became closer to each other, said Claudine.

Claudine remembered how Gretchen would spoil her kids with anything they wanted.

On Marjorie, Claudine said that the last time they saw each other was during the wake of her father in 2019.

Asked to describe Marjorie, Claudine said: “Before she’s caring.”

Claudine was also asked about her thoughts on her nieces and nephew from Marjorie.

Claudine said that she loves everyone, and it makes her “sad” that the kids were caught up in their quarrel.

“They should not have been included,” she said.

In a recent interview, Claudine has nothing but good words for Julia, even if they are not in good terms.

Before, the 24-year-old sexy actress proudly noted that she’s a fan of her aunt.

In April, Marjorie opened up about her reason for not speaking to her sisters.