Rapper Saweetie graces Teen Vogue cover and talks about her Filipino roots

Published June 10, 2021, 10:58 AM

by John Legaspi

Her love for sinigang and karaoke is definitely a Filipino hallmark


American rapper Saweetie is Teen Vogue’s latest muse as she graces its cover and shares her love for music and her Filipino roots.

The 27-year-old music artist, who calls herself The IcyGirl, donned the best of spring-summer fashion for the editorial shoot, from Roberto Cavalli’s leopard-print dress with powerful shoulders and Christopher Esber’s olive ensemble to Max Max Mara’s tangerine draped garb and Blumarine’s figure-hugging floral number.

Teen Vogue’s June 2021

Aptly titled “Life in Fast Motion,” the June 2021 issue documents the life of Saweetie who instantly rose to fame thanks to the power of social media. The rapper was first noticed from her short rap videos on Instagram and her musical works on Sound Cloud from 2016 to 2017. Now signed with Warner Records, Saweetie has an upcoming album titled “Pretty B*tch Music” to be released this year.

According to Teen Vogue, her maiden album features multiple genres and Filipino representations, especially on the “Pretty Girl Mosh Pit” track. Although she grew up in America, Filipino culture is alive in her home thanks to her Filipino-Chinese mom Trinidad Valentin. Her “tiger mom,” as the rapper describes, introduced her to some Filipino traditions and customs like eating sinigang, leaving her tsinelas at the doorstep, and hogging the karaoke during celebrations.

“My Filipino side is so strict, [but] you let karaoke night come, everybody lets loose,” she says.

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Images by Shaniqwa Jarvis for Teen Vogue.