Celebrate Philippine independence with ‘Dama Ko, Lahi Ko’

Published June 9, 2021, 3:40 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

This online creative campaign aims to bring Filipino culture to the world on June 12, 2021

June 12, 2021 marks the 123rd independence of the Philippines. But with all that is happening now—from the COVID-19 pandemic to the failing economy and joblessness—it’s not surprising that some might forget the essence of this upcoming holiday, celebrating it merely as a no-work day instead of looking at it as a reminder of a hard-won freedom. 

To change this, different personalities and organizations join orces to roll out “Dama ko, Lahi Ko,” a movement designed to celebrate Filipino culture through the five senses: paningin (sight), pang-amoy (smell), pandinig (hearing), panlasa (taste), and pansalat (touch). Each of the senses allows Filipinos to appreciate every piece of our culture. 

Paningin celebrates the scenic views of our landscape, from our world-class beaches, lush tropical rainforests, and abundant marine life to our colorful fiestas, intricate tribal patterns, and the warmest of smiles. Pandinig is for the iconic sounds of the local scenery including festive drumbeats, OPM playlists, and a lot more. 

Meanwhile, pang-amoy celebrates Filipino scents, the garlands of sampaguita at church, the intriguing smell of durian, the good morning of kapeng barako, accompanied by the inviting aroma of sinangag (fried rice). Panlasa is for the explosion of flavors one can savor across the archipelago’s 7,641 islands and beyond. 

Lastly, pansalat celebrates the intricate textures and handmade expertise ranging from the rattan bilao filled with pancit, baro’t saya made from pinya and abaca to the textures of nature.

Everyone is encouraged to join this movement online by sharing photos, videos, music, or anything that showcases Filipino culture through the five senses using #damakolahiko. 

In support of this project, the Filipino Culture Collective, a group of creative professionals passionate about Filipino culture, have also prepared damakolahiko.com website, for free downloads of the campaign’s logos, patterns, graphics, and more. All these are free to use and remix. A sticker set is also available for download on Viber, Telegram, and GIPHY by searching “Dama ko, lahi ko.”