It’s a miracle! Nicole Hyala, husband paid little from P2.3 million expense on daughter’s recovery

Published June 8, 2021, 6:54 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Whenever a loved one, even more so a child, gets sick, parents will absolutely do anything to make sure they get better. Money can be earned back, and it’s the last thing on anyone’s mind how they can pay for the expenses. The most important thing is that they get better.

From Nicole Hyala’s latest YouTube vlog where she revealed the month-long ordeal of their eight-year-old daughter Princess who got sick with Viral Encaphalitis. They got out of the hospital last May 25, Tuesday. It was only then when they realized that they had to pay P2.3 million worth. “I-settle nyo lang ay P39,000,” the insurance revealed. They thanked the Lord that they helped them get through this again—from their daughter’s recovery to the hospital bill.

Blessings continued to overflow with the arrival of “gifts” from Princess’ godparents: a walker and a wheelchair to help Princess to recover. They also learned to forgive their enemies. “To purify your heart is to forgive your enemies,” Nicole reminded.

Her daughter joined in the video and thanked everyone who prayed with her to get better.