Will assassinations ever stop in this country? – Gordon

Published June 7, 2021, 10:05 AM

by Mario Casayuran

Senator Richard J. Gordon on Monday, June 6 asked whether assassinations would ever stop in the country as an improvised explosive devise (IED) killed a young football player and a relative in Masbate.

Gordon, chairman of the Senate justice and human rights committee, thus called on the Philippine National Police (PNP) and other security forces to immediately give justice to the deaths of Keith Absalon, a young 21-year-old football star, and his relative Nolven.

‘’He and his family were out biking and I cannot fathom how their lives were ended so senselessly, especially Keith’s, who was a crème de la crème football player of the Far Eastern University (FEU) and the Philippine team in Indonesia, with a glorious future ahead of him,” Gordon said.

As shocking as it is, according to Gordon, the barbarity and impunity by which killings are perpetrated in this country have got to stop. Criminals must be punished, and justice must prevail.