Did Korean actress Han Ye-seul slap BLACKPINK’s Jennie?

Actress Han Ye-seul and BLACKPINK’s Jennie (Instagram) 

Korean actress Han Ye-seul, 39, of dramas such as “Spy Myung-wol,” “Tazza” and “Will It Snow for Christmas?,” is facing scrutiny from netizens since she revealed her 29-year-old boyfriend, Ryu Sung-jae, a former theater actor and karaoke bar worker, on Instagram last May 13.

One of the latest allegations against her is that she allegedly slapped BLACKPINK’s Jennie on the face.

Recently, former entertainment reporter Kim Yong-ho claimed in a video on YouTube last June 3 that the incident happened while Han Ye-seul was dating Teddy Park, YG Entertainment’s in-house producer, who worked with BLACKPINK in their albums.

Han Ye-seul and Teddy admitted they were in a romantic relationship in November 2013 and broke up in October 2016. BLACKPINK debuted in August 2016.

Kim Yong-ho claimed that when Han Ye-seul and Teddy were dating, Han Ye-seul slapped Jennie on the cheek because Teddy had feelings for Jennie.

On her Instagram account, Han Ye-seul was asked by a netizen, “Is it true that you slapped Jennie?”

“I have never met Jennie,” Han Ye-seul replied to the comment.

In October 2017, rumors spread that Teddy and Jennie were dating, which YG Entertainment refuted.

Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend and her past are being scrutinized.

Kim Yong-ho and another host, in a video uploaded by YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute, or Hover Lab, earlier claimed that Han Ye-seul’s boyfriend used to work as a male escort at a host bar.

Han Ye-sul has been bombarded with questions regarding the personal background of his 29-year-old boyfriend Ryu Sung-jae, a former theater actor whom she met at a karaoke bar, since she uploaded their photos on Instagram last May 13.

“His prior occupation was a stage actor and he had worked in karaoke before. You may think that host bars and karaoke are the same but I believe that in karaoke, everything is done in the open,” she posted on Instagram, according to the Korea JoongAng Daily.

She added, “I met him a few years ago in a place I visited with my acquaintances. And I fell in love with him last September, which was when he’d already quit the job.”

Han Ye-seul bought a Lamborghini Huracán estimated to be worth 400 million won ($359,000) and it was claimed that she gave it to her boyfriend. She denied it.

Hover Lab also claimed that Han Ye-seul used drugs at the infamous and now closed Burning Sun, a club which was investigated by the police in 2019.

“I want more than anything else for the police and the prosecution to shed light on the that I am at the center of this enormous scandal. I cannot reveal everything about my personal life, but all of the points that I’ve said before, I vouch for them with everything I have,” Han Ye-seul posted on Instagram, Korea JoongAng Daily added.