Betong Sumaya recalls being bullied as a child

Published June 5, 2021, 6:43 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Though he’s known for making viewers laugh out loud, comedian Betong Sumaya has actually had a challenging childhood.

Apparently, he was the subject of bullying. 

He admitted it left a scar on his heart but it didn’t hinder him from spreading his wings.

Betong’s adevice to those going through the same?

“Don’t let the bullies win. Don’t let them affect you. Pursue your dreams. Make those hateful messages an inspiration. Challenge and improve yourself to become a better person.”

Aicelle Santos agrees with Betong wholeheartedly, urging those suffering from bullying to simply work hard and keep their focus.

The Kapuso singer-actress noted how she never imagined she’ll be part of showbiz but through sheer hard work, she got to where she wanted to be.

As for Mel Villena, he said, “Find your purpose. it’s like a compass. When you know your purpose, no matter what happens, you will get to your destination.”

The three currently appears in “Centerstage,” a singing competition for kids hosted by Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards.

Betong is Alden’s co-host while Aicelle and Mel are judges along with Pops Fernandez.

“Centerstage” was supposed to crown its grand champion last May 30.

The second part of the grand finals will happen tomorrow, June 6.