No COVID-positive PDL in Cebu City in May

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CEBU CITY – Not a single inmate in the 11 police stations in this city tested positive for COVID-19 last May.

City Councilor Joel Garganera, chief of the city’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC), said 274 Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) underwent swab testing last month and all were found to be COVID-19-free.

The result showed that station commanders have ensured that minimum health protocols are strictly enforced in their respective police precincts to protect the inmates from the virus.

Aggressive testing on arrested persons was being done, said Garganera.

Arrested persons undergo testing upon detention and another test will be conducted for inmates due for transfer to the Cebu City Jail.

Data from the EOC showed that 10 of the 185 inmates who were tested last January were found to be COVID-19 positive.

In February, 137 inmates underwent swab testing and 13 were found to be infected with the virus.

Eleven of the 156 inmates who underwent swab testing in March were found to be COVID-19 positive. Three inmates out of the 130 who were tested in April were found to have contracted the virus.

Garganera said he is hoping that each police station will keep their lock-up facilities COVID-19 free.

The city’s active COVID-19 cases were down to 528 as of June 3 but Garganera advised the public to remain cautious.

“Yes we’re doing good but we can never be so sure. The virus is still there,” said Garganera.