5 ways the internet can help you win in life, even if you’re at home

Published June 3, 2021, 1:56 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way. And that’s what Filipinos have proven over and over again—that we can overcome any obstacle that come our way. This pandemic, for one, has limited our mobility, but it has never stopped us from finding happiness despite the circumstances. These Filipino families share the discoveries they made during this challenging times.

  1. Earn at home.
    With the economy down, many families have been trying to make ends meet. “Nabawasan yung income ng asawa ko dahil sa pandemic. Siyempre, I wanted to help him. Nag-aral ako gumawa ng cookies at milk tea sa YouTube and marami naman nasasarapan, tsaka mura. Currently, sa Facebook lang ako nagbebenta pero kumikita rin ng malaki-laki.” says 39-year-old and mother-of-two Hannah. She found ways to help her husband, thanks to the internet for helping her source and sell in the safety of their homes.
  2. Learn new skills.
    Being at home has given many individuals more time (that was originally spent on commuting) to take on those hobbies and skills that they have been contemplating on doing. From taking care of the garden to home improvements, even brewing their own barista-style coffee, “Sobrang hilig ko sa iced coffee at dahil sa internet, natutunan ko paano gumawa ng favorite coffee drinks ko. Ang saya isipin na hindi ako gumagastos
    ng P120 above para sa isang baso ng masarap na kape.”
  3. Live a healthier life.
    Staying at home has made us realize many things, including taking care of ourselves and the rest of the family members by eating better and staying active. “Ang focus ko ay to make sure na matatag ang katawan para malabanan yung virus habang hinihintay yung bakuna,” says John, 55, from Laguna.
  4. Create your own stories.
    Inspiration is everywhere, if we only know how and where to find them. For 22-year-old Noel, he realized, after binge watching shows online, that he could write his own stories. “Parang kaya ko naman din magsulat ng ganito. So far, I’ve finished two short stories, which I have submitted to a production company na naghahanap ng new materials to turn into shows.”
  5. Give back.
    Others have used their time in helping out those who are in need through outreach programs. “One thing that has helped keep my mental health in check all this time is all the outreach programs I’ve been organizing. Masarap matulog na alam mong nakatulong ka. Salamat sa internet, I am able to reach out to people who can lend a helping hand,” shares 32-year-old Mary from Mandaluyong.

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