Raimund Marasigan on former Eraserheads bandmates: 'We don’t text each other'

Eraserheads drummer Raimund Marasigan agrees with Ely Buendia's statement about them not exactly friends.

In his YouTube vlog, Raimund tackled the now viral statement of Ely.

He said, “I do respect them, and I think we all wanted to make things work together. We’re just not close. Yes, after the show, we had drinks, celebrate, but that’s it.”

As if to illustrate his point further, Raimund pointed out, "If you check for the past 10 years, 20 years our feeds as individuals, you will easily see who we were hanging out with. It’s not a secret ever since."

And yes, he knew even then that the classic Eraserheads track "Minsan" is not about the band.

Raimund shared, "He (Ely) was talking about those guys who I know din. Those are the people he talked about in ‘Minsan.’ I’m sorry if I’m breaking hearts."