Manila Traffic enforcer sacked for issuing ticket to a motorist who did not commit a violation

A traffic enforcer in Manila was relieved from his post after he insisted on issuing a ticket to a motorist who did not commit a violation.

Miguel Vistan (rightmost) met with the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau officials on Monday (May 24) at the Manila City Hall. (Photo courtesy of Miguel Vistan / MANILA BULLETIN)

Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau (MTPB) Chief operations Officer Wilson Chan sacked the traffic enforcer identified as Efren Fria.

Miguel Vistan, 3rd year medical student was travelling along Espana Blvd. in Manila when he was stopped by Fria and issued him a ticket for "passing through a red light."

Vistan has dashcam footage which he also showed to Fria. However, the latter still insisted on issuing him a ticket.

MTPB reached out to Vistan and invited him to come to the City Hall on Monday (May 24).

The MTPB Chief Operation Officer watched the dashcam footage from Vistan and said in an interview with GMA News: "Mali po 'yong paniniket po ni Mr. Fria. Sabi ko, ito oh. Kitang kita oh, papaano mo sasabihing nag-beat siya ng red light? (Mr. Fria was wrong in issuing that ticket. It was very obvious that Mr. Vistan did not commit a violation)."

However, Fria still insisted that he was right and Vistan beat the red light on Quintos St. Espana Blvd. in Manila.

The traffic enforcer later apologized and was relieved from his post.

"So sa bandang huli siguro, nahimasmasan siya at nagpakumbaba na lang. Humingi siya ng kapatawaran kay Mr. Vistan (He later on apologized to Mr. Vistan after he realized that he was wrong)," Chan said on Wednesday (May 26).

Chan added: "Ang opisina po ay hindi po kumukunsinte sa mga ganoong attitude ng ating mga enforcer."

The 26-year-old motorist was pleased that justice prevailedand advised other motorists to not condone this type of incident.

"Let's make this a practice to properly report these corrupt officers, and not condone their practices just to not be hassled. I would also like to stress the importance of dashcams for our own safety and peace of mind," Vistan wrote in a Facebook post.