4 Filipino Tiktokers to follow for financial literacy

Stepping into parenthood requires a huge lifestyle change. But beyond the lack of sleep, new routines, and diaper changes, being financially prepared is a key factor that is sometimes overlooked by families.
Money issues have also been identified as a huge potential source of conflict among marriages. Thus financial literacy is a must for new and old parents alike, as money matters can make or break
relationships, as well as possibly cause distress among children.

MONEY TIPS These four ladies can teach you how to save and spend wisely. (Artwork by Ariana Maralit)

If you’re worried about money or interested to kick start your financial education, here are a few Tiktok accounts to follow for basic and practical money skills applicable to both families and single young

1. Yani Moya, @coachyanimoya
Yani Moya’s content cover all sorts of money matters from building an emergency fund, managing personal finance, learning to budget, etc. Even though “Your Financial Coach,” which is how she introduces herself, Yani, is a single young adult, the straightforward way she explains financial jargon for her viewers can benefit anyone who’s interested to start building their savings—whether it be for your own future or your family’s.

2. Prex Parnacio, @prex_mip
If you have never heard of digital banks, your “psychological wallet," the “wealth triangle,” “50/30/20 Budget Rule,” or want to explore these concepts to build your personal equity, Prex’s Tiktok videos break down these ideas so you can easily comprehend. She’s worth a follow for those who want to learn about building wealth.

3. Antonette Aquino, @antonetteaquino_
Antonette’s videos are slightly more advanced than the other Tiktokers on this list, but she still has a lot of content that are applicable to the layman. Her material consists of advice for families who lent out money and do not know how to collect these back; investing basics, such as opening a time deposit account; and money lessons from your favourite mainstream shows like Itaewon Class and The Wolf of Wallstreet.

4. Anna Gonzales, @annagonzales
From discussing investment scams, to organizing your wallet, as well as tips for couples on going on a “money date”—where those in serious relationships can talk about financial goals and money beliefs—Anna’s Tiktok account is a gold mine for basic introduction to finance and for families to explore starting money conversations.