VIRAL: Miss Universe Canada's team addresses claims against them by designer Michael Cinco

Published May 25, 2021, 2:33 PM

by John Legaspi

MGMode Communications’ Miguel Martinez hopes to make amends with Michael Cinco

Michael Cinco and Nova Stevens

As Filipino pageant fans put it, the plot thickens as stories arise in relation with the issue concerning Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco and the team behind Miss Universe Canada, MGMode Communications.

The PR firm’s Miguel Martinez told his side of the story as he sat down with ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe for an interview. According to him, “things may have been said but shouldn’t have said. And having said that, I’ve never said anything that is not true.”

Miguel Martinez

A “transformer gown,” that is the dress Miguel’s team planned with Michael Cinco, which he said during the interview didn’t happen. He also confirmed that the gowns arrived late and didn’t fit properly.

“We have been working on our gowns for months, we went to Dubai twice. Why isn’t our gown ready and why are they making gowns with other people?” he said. “It confused me. Why do you have time for other people’s gowns when you have this huge commitment?”

In a recent Instagram post, Canadian beauty queen Nova Stevens clarified that the dresses designed by the Dubai-based couturier “did not end up fitting perfectly,” which pushed her to wear the dress by Virgilio Madinah.

“Unfortunately, my team who had worked so hard was upset that Michael did not deliver his end and they did make a comment,” Nova said. “This was wrong on my team’s part. As part of my team, I fully apologize. I appreciate all his efforts and that perfect final gown.”

MGMode Communications’ comment

Miguel also said that they are hurt by Michael calling them “ungrateful, vile, and professional users.” He also addressed why the team didn’t pay him for his contributions in the past three years.

“In the industry, it’s a privilege for any designer to throw any gown to any contestant from any country,” Miguel said. “People in the industry, working in the industry, know that you don’t necessarily pay when you’re an international holder, you don’t pay for your gown.”

But despite all the backlash and threats that he and his team received online, Miguel hopes to still sort things out with Michael saying, “I love you. Sorry if I hurt you. Those were some mean words… But hopefully, we can still mend this.”

Michael Cinco hasn’t made any comments regarding Miguel’s interview and Nova’s post.

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