Paulo Coelho says he has been losing fans due to BTS

The Brazilian novelist took to social media to raise a holler about some fans dumping him.

And all because he has declared love and support for Korean pop phenoms BTS.

Obviously, many of his followers didn't like the idea.

Paulo tweeted, "I am losing a lot of followers because I posted a tweet congratulating BTS..."

He is talking about an earlier tweet of his congratulating the boys with their latest release "Butter" garnering 100,000,000 views on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

Paulo has accepted his fate.

He believes being cast aside is a given.

"This is the price you pay when you support people you admire," Paulo wrote.

And what does he like about BTS?

Apparently, he appreciates their seeming underdog story.

"They overcame so many difficult moments, prejudices, etc. and they won," he said.

In any case, many of those who stayed on his side despite him having declared himself a proud member of BTS's ARMY, assured Paulo of their continued support.

"Don't worry, we're here for you," one said.

Paulo replied, "I'm not worried at all."