COVID-19: This video reminds mothers why everyone should get vaccinated

Published May 20, 2021, 2:52 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

‘Bakit ka nag-iingat?’

GET YOUR COVID-19 VACCINE Private companies and organizations come together to encourage Filipinos to get vaccinated

With the goal to educate the public and eradicate the Filipinos’ doubts toward COVID-19 vaccine, the biggest companies in the country joined forces to roll out “Ingat Angat Bakuna Lahat” campaign. 

It is a landmark campaign to support the government’s national vaccination program against COVID-19 by encouraging the public to get vaccinated and to assist the government in fast-tracking vaccination rollout in the country.

And as a part of the this program, the committee produced a heartwarming video that reminds viewers, especially moms, on the many reasons why we should get vaccinated. Titled “Bakit Ka Nag-iingat (Why are you being careful)?” reminds mothers that getting a vaccine will give them a higher chance of living a longer life, giving them the opportunity to watch their babies grow up and, eventually, spend time with their grandchildren. 

“With ‘Ingat Angat Bakuna Lahat,’ we want to encourage vaccine willingness and support mass vaccinations, which are crucial for a safe economic recovery and return to normalcy,” shares Margot Torres, managing director for McDonald’s Philippines and ‘Ingat Angat Bakuna Lahat’ communications advocacy co-lead. “This campaign is the result of the collaboration of many private sector companies who generously contributed funds and their expertise, talent, and time to support our country’s national vaccination program.”

As of writing, more than three million doses of vaccines have already been administered to thousands of Filipinos.