Pia Wurtzbach and Angelia Ong grace L'Officiel India's cover wearing Filipino designs

Published May 18, 2021, 3:49 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s the story behind the dresses by Mark Bumgarner

Pia Wurtzbach and Angelia Ong

For its 20th Anniversary issue, L’Officiel India magazine presents Filipino beauty with pageant champions Pia Wurtzbach and Angelia Ong. Having won the 2015 edition of beauty contests Miss Universe and Miss Earth for the latter, these women have proven that beyond the facade, what matters most is the purpose behind joining the competition.

That is one of the things the international magazine is celebrating as they put the Filipina beauties on the cover of its Special Collector’s Editionto celebrate Pia’s tremendous work as UNAIDS Goodwill ambassador for Asia and Pacific region, and Angelia’s efforts in raising environmental awareness. But the spirit of Filipino pride doesn’t end there as the two are clad in couture pieces made by Filipino fashion designer Mark Bumgarner in one of its covers shot by Filipino photographer Seven Barretto.

One of L’Officiel India’s 20th Anniversary covers

Perched on a giant swing, Pia wore her signature color blue and Angelia in teal. Pia’s dress, N°23, has dramatic sleeves with giant ruffles forming an elegant skirt. While Angelia’s, N°19, is about being regal with a silhouette similar to Marilyn Monroe’s famous pink dress, and a long train at the back.

The pieces are part of Mark’s latest line, dubbed as “Collection VIII.” Ethereal and dream-like, the collection tells a story of hope, resilience, and love depicted through the designer’s signature touches, from luxe colors and materials to dainty prints and lady-like forms.

“Our atelier, like many others, has stepped back for over a year due to the radical changes brought upon by the pandemic. Yet we met the arduous series of events head on, and rode the slow waves of the pandemic to reflect and slowly rebuild,” the designer posted. “This collection is a story of our resilience as a people and our never ending desire to create. As we see a glimpse of a new beginning, here is a collection to light up these dark times.”

Pia and Angelia look queenly in those gowns!