Marjorie Barretto updates netizens on relationship with sisters Gretchen, Claudine

Published May 18, 2021, 11:45 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Marjorie Barretto

In a rare instance, Marjorie Barretto briefly talked about her relationship with sisters Gretchen and Claudine.

In a recent vlog of actress-singer Toni Gonzaga, the mother of Julia Barretto admitted that she’s still not on good terms with them. But she said that it’s  not out of “hate” and rather out of “peace.”

“(It’s like) there’s just more peace when in that space,” she said. “There’s just too much pain that it’s just going to be more peaceful kung hindi bati (if we’re not okay). But it doesn’t mean that karga-karga ko araw-araw, na nagigising akong galit na galit sa kanila. Hindi, e, hindi ganun, e. (But it doesn’t mean that I have this ill-feeling towards them, that every day I would wake up feeling so angry. It’s not like that.)”

After handling things in her own way, Marjorie confidently said that she’s emotionally okay now.

“Definitely, not from a place of hate,” was how she put it.

“Well, I don’t look back at it na masakit pa yung dibdib ko or I won’t wish ill of them. Di ba ‘pag galit ka, ‘pag hate mo yung tao, di ba? Gusto mo masamang mangyari. Wala ako dun. (Well, I don’t look back at it as if it makes my heart ache, or I won’t wish ill of them. I mean, sometimes when you’re mad, you have this hatred towards him/her. Like you wish something bad will happen. But I’m not in that state.)”

She reiterated: “It’s not coming from a place of unforgiveness. I just want peace.”

In terms of the criticism of others, Marjorie noted how she can shut down from the judgment of other people.

“There’s so much that they don’t really know that goes on behind that story. And I refuse to share,” she said. “We are public figures but we are not public property. Because at the end of the day, kahit anong sikat mo, pag-uwi mo, (regardless of your fame, when you come home) you are normal like anybody else. We have the same problems, we have the same needs…”

“So parang, I want to protect that side of us because that side of the fame or, that’s not forever, you know?”