LOOK: Kris Bernal marks 32nd birthday with topless photos

Published May 17, 2021, 10:26 AM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Kris Bernal

Actress Kris Bernal has talked about maturity, growth, and body positivity as she celebrated her 32nd birthday where she went topless in a series of photos.

“Maturity does come with age but still not all people who are at 30s can be called mature. I think with all the experiences that I carried throughout my journey, I learned how to be mature in different aspects. Maturity in dealing with people, situation, and in dealing with myself. I learned the hard way tho! It wasn’t an easy ride especially when the pandemic hit but yes it contributed to my maturity,” she wrote in one of her snaps.

Kris noted how she doesn’t try to interchange the words growth and maturity.

“I think it is related to each other, but it is completely different from each other as well. Growth is something that you constantly encounter. I’ve grown so much in the past years of my life and I continue to grow. This is something I embrace: that I am not a perfect person, and I’m a work in progress. I continue to choose growth every day no matter how hard the journey may be for me to grow,” she related.

She went on that body positivity is not just about how someone looks.

“It’s embracing who you are as a person,” she declared.

Kris admitted that before she used to get affected by how people perceive how she looks from “pandak (small person), anorexic, butiki (lizard), kawayan (bamboo)..” remarks and the list goes on. Now she learned how to bring positivity to herself and other people by embracing her flaws.

“There’s always beauty in embracing who you are and working towards making yourself better,” she pointed out.