Stop bashing doctors, other health care workers on social media — PMA

Published May 16, 2021, 2:12 PM

by Analou de Vera

The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) has appealed to the public to refrain from posting negative messages on social media about the country’s health care workers, particularly doctors, especially during this time of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.


The PMA issued a statement on Saturday, May 15, due to “unfounded criticisms against doctors” circulating on social media.

The organization expressed “its grave concern on the repeated and unfounded criticisms against doctors and reports of malpractice/negligence cases being brought by patients against doctors related to the treatment of COVID-19.”

It reiterated that the country’s doctors “mean no harm and their sole motivation is merely to treat patients with the best, available, most effective, and affordable medicines and medical procedures.”

The PMA reminded the public that doctors and other health care workers are currently at the “forefront of confronting this pandemic.”

“Bashing doctors in social media and filing of cases against doctors who treat patients afflicted with COVID-19 may lead to reluctance of some doctors to treat patients afflicted with COVID-19,” the PMA said.

“The PMA urges the public to refrain from the constant social media bashing of doctors and for patients and their relatives to put their emotions in check,” it added.