WATCH: Rabiya Mateo goes live, cries after national costume show

Published May 14, 2021, 12:39 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

It seems that not a lot of people aren’t too happy with Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo’s national costume wherein she looked like a “Victoria’s Secret” model in a Rocky Gathercole ensemble.

She must have read quite a number of negative comments which led her to go on an Instagram Live right after, “I’m so sorry kung na disappoint kayo sa akin (if you are all disappointed in me). I know I did my best. I even cut my finger earlier and yun stockings ko. Puno na rin sya ng dugo (It’s full of blood), but I kept fighting, kahit wala ng oras (even if there was no more time), I didn’t have time to retouch my hair and my makeup. I was running for pins and scissors to be able to execute the costumer really well.”

“I think for myself, I felt really great. I was so beautiful. Nakita ko mga (I saw the) cheers ng mga (of the) judges, mga sigaw ng mga (the cheers of the) Pilipino,” she added that she felt the love and support of everyone.


Rabiya Ig live Crying after natcos says sorry to those people who were disappointed. #missuniversephilippines #aribarabiya #rabiyamateo

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“Tomorrow (preliminary competition for swimming and long gown) ang malaking laban uli (is another big fight again),” she ends the video. We wish her the best in all the competitions. The Filipinos are cheering for you.