New tech solutions to support educators and students in digital classrooms

Published May 14, 2021, 3:22 PM

by John Legaspi

Microsoft unveils immersive education solutions to inspire educators in reimagining learning experiences

Photo from Microsoft

Navigating through virtual learning has been a challenge to educators last year. Keeping students engaged in live classes is already a tough toll. But with the pandemic, teachers have put on extra effort to do their job of honing the minds of the future, while managing with today’s obstacles such as internet connections and working with new modules.

Although this may sound like an academic tragedy for educators, a report by Microsoft states that 71 percent of them say that technology has helped them improve their instruction and expanded their teaching capacity. Inspired by their dedication and adaptability, the tech company is introducing new innovations designed to support the five key areas educators require to create a holistic learning environment and move education forward: student centricity, skills focus, social learning, safety, security and scalability.

New tools and solutions launched include Reading Progress, to enhance students reading skills remotely, and features like Group Assignments and third-party app integrations in Microsoft Teams that will empower educators and support students in their classroom experience. Other updates include the availability of Minecraft: Education Edition outside the classroom and the launch of Reflect, a Microsoft Teams app that provides teachers with capabilities that support their students’ well-being virtually.

“We are grateful for the resilience and commitment educators have displayed in evolving their teaching styles over the past year, and we aim to keep supporting them to deliver quality education for their students during these challenging times,” said Larry Nelson, regional general manager for Education at Microsoft Asia. “At the beginning of the pandemic technology often served as a much-needed lifeline between students, teachers, and parents enabling remote and hybrid learning. As time moved forward many educators transformed their teaching, their pedagogy, their professional development, and more, with technology often being a critical component enabling that change. Innovation will continue to transform learning experiences and stands to help prepare students for their futures–we are honored to partner with educators and schools across Asia in our mission to help every student on the planet achieve more.”

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