LOOK: Markki Stroem channels Tarzan Lord of the Jungle

Published May 10, 2021, 12:11 PM

by Robert Requintina

Markki Stroem

Actor-model Markki Stroem bared again in his latest Instagram snaps on May 10, as he channeled Tarzan Lord of the Jungle.

“Swinging into the new week to be like. Tested the strength of jungle vines, and they are solid! It is possible to swing from one to the next without them breaking,” wrote Markki.

“Tarzan of the Falls at your service! Posting a couple more photos here before I move the album to my Patreon.com/Markkistroem.

“Just wanted to wish everyone a productive and restful week,” Markki said.

In a separate post, Markki said that the photos were taken at Avalon Ecofarm and Resort in Bulacan.

“I enjoyed embodying Tarzan at my recent shoot at Avalon Ecofarm and Resort. Vine swinging requires solid upper body and core strength. Pull ups and hanging leg lifts help strengthen your back and core in preparation for this. It was super tough, my body was in pain, and still is now… But WELL WORTH IT. I think I want to live in the jungle.”

Markki’s full post: