Olivia Rodrigo on being compared to Catriona Gray: 'That’s crazy!'

Olivia Rodrigo, among today's hottest pop stars, is aware of people regarding her as almost identical to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

She shared in a recent virtual conference, “People always say I look like her — and she’s (one of) the most beautiful persons that I’ve ever seen — so anytime people say that, I’m like, ‘Really? That’s crazy!’”

Catriona reacted to her statement, sharing a video of Olivia via Instagram, writing, “Whuuut.”

She then tagged Olivia, going on to greet her.

In the same interview, Olivia said of Catriona: “She has such a beautiful voice, and sometimes I listen to her songs. I think she’s just obviously stunning and such an incredible person. I love watching her.”

Olivia, like Catriona, is half-Filipino.

She was born and raised in California, USA to a Filipino father and a German-Irish mother.

Catriona hails from Australia. She has a Scottish father and a Filipino mother.