How technology has helped mothers especially in this pandemic

Published May 8, 2021, 5:05 PM

by Millie Manahan


Mother’s Day is coming up. Do you have anything special for your moms this Sunday? Have you thought of a gift for her? Whatever your answers may be, I am sure she would love it. While this detrimental COVID-19 virus hinders us from spending this day somewhere, spending it at home is equally special and a lot safer nowadays.

When I became a mom myself, Mother’s Day is one of those occasions I am looking forward to. Not because of the gifts but knowing I can just enjoy Netflix and some charcuterie on the side without getting bombarded feels like you are in Palawan!

Change of scenery is one of the best therapies according to psychologists. But now that we are cooped up at home, cabin fever is real. The majority of mothers are restless and battling with mental health because they can’t go out and they are forced to do house chores. Thankfully, there is technology. Catching up with your friends and family is just a tap away and available anytime, anywhere! After cleaning and cooking, you can just grab your phone and hope you have the energy to browse and not doze off while scrolling your NewsFeed.

But have you ever wondered how technology has helped mothers, especially, in this pandemic? Does the pandemic ruin your daily routine? Does it help in the long run? These questions are in my mind because digital stress is prevalent. There are challenges for mothers who aren’t tech-savvy during pre-pandemic times. But since they don’t have any choice, this pandemic also helped them become technology-inept.

Let’s find out how technology has helped mothers, especially, this pandemic, shall we?

Cleaning and Cooking

Moms clean even BC (before COVID-19). But cleaning and cooking nowadays are more exhausting. Moms clean doubly hard these days because of the coronavirus. Evidently, technology has helped mothers unload some chores with readily food trays for delivery and cleaning services. With just literally tap of your fingers, you can now buy your favorite viands, party food trays, and call someone to clean the house with different apps available on Apple Store or Play Store.

“I enjoy ordering online! It is fast and no-contact, so a lot safer than me going to an actual store just to order,” Anne, mom of two, shares how convenient it is to just order online.

Medical Consultations

Now that we are facing stronger coronavirus variants, the more we need to be vigilant. Moms are keener in finding the best doctors for their children. Gone are the days when moms would wait at a Doctor’s clinic for hours and be exposed to bacteria and viruses. Now, setting up a doctor’s appointment is easy peasy! All we just have to do is to find these apps like Health Now, KonsultaMD, Now Serving, just to name a few, and voila, you can find a doctor in just minutes!

These Apps are heaven’s sent. This ingenuity makes it easier for moms, especially, those vulnerable and immunocompromised. “I downloaded Health Now because I and my daughter have asthma. So we can’t compromise our health, and at the same time, we need to find a doctor at that time. Thankfully, I found Health Now, I can set an appointment even in the middle of the night,” Lee Rosales, a mom of one, proudly shared her moment.

Schedule your consultations online. While the pandemic prevents physical contact, this will help mothers to stay at home and be attended by their doctors via video or voice call.

Groceries and Errands

Oh, I love going to the supermarket before COVID. My errands and supermarket day used to be my “me-time.” But because of this pandemic, everyone is scared to go out. Now, they can be done at home! Another technology breakthrough in this era is activating personal online shoppers. The majority of supermarkets and malls have these services ready for everyone. Doing physical errands is a struggle if your place is under strict quarantine guidelines. Online shopping is a norm nowadays. There’s a lot of online shopping apps sprouting like a mushroom when the pandemic started a year ago. It saves time especially traveling to a supermarket or retail store. With a wide array of products and specialty stores, just one tap on your mobile phone will lessen the burden of going to a physical store. The best thing is that they will deliver the items in front of your doorstep!

All mothers appreciate this service. In addition, errands and bills payment can also be done via mobile! “I love how fast transactions can be when done online. No need to stand in line and be exposed to this dreadful virus,” says Nicole Paler, a mom of two.

Bank Transactions

Still, having a hard time doing bank errands? Downloading an app or accessing the bank’s website for online banking will save time visiting a bank. Now, whether you are depositing, transferring, or withdrawing funds, these can be done in one tap! While this service has been offered even before COVID, it didn’t hit us until we were forced to be at home. Some banks, though, still require physical appearance, for what could’ve been done online.

Work At Home Setup / Virtual Online Classes

There’s an adage “do not bring your work at home.” But what if you need to work at home? Essentially, working from home is interesting and can alleviate other problems such as commuting, money, among other things. However, it could also intensify mental, emotional, and physical stress. As a result, you feel overwhelmed with everything and will surely take a toll on yourself, marriage, family, and friends. If you are always at home, the tendency is to be cranky, irritated, and more anxious. According to a family psychologist, when a parent is loaded with work and responsibilities, there’s a huge tendency to blow up. Meaning, they might end up yelling and nagging. As opposed to a parent who gets to take a break from complacency, s/he can go be whole again. Additionally, there are free training programs online like Lenovo EdVision.

Most of the working mothers shifted to working from home set up. Notwithstanding, their children’s online classes. Mothers also guide their children’s education online, and this is an exhausting task. Gratefully, after a whole day or week of this, mothers can enjoy meditation or yoga moments online. There are apps available or videos on YouTube to help mothers regain their senses and psychological strength. Bored after a long day attending Zoom meetings? Streaming sites like HBO Go, Netflix, Disney +, and Amazon Prime will help you overcome a stressful day. You can watch your favorite series and movies during your free time. “I usually watch in between breaks because it helps bring back my sanity,” shares another mom on the Facebook group I belong to.

This pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in us. Nevertheless, all these anxiety-inducing tasks like wearing a mask, a face shield, and battling with uncertainties, are worth it so long as our family is healthy and away from the coronavirus. Meantime, we just have to put everything on your bucket list. Technology helps every single person who is coping with or without this pandemic, especially mothers who naturally nurture the household.

Succinctly, technology is rapidly evolving. And, we can’t undo it. However, with great ingenuity comes great responsibility. Too much of everything can take a toll on us. While technology makes everything easier, just a piece of advice to fellow moms out there, don’t forget that there are still worthy activities we can do such as gardening. Unplug and have a social media detox if you can. Anything naturistic is an absolute alternative. Start a new hobby.

This pandemic changes everyone’s lives. Staying healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally, are keys to stay afloat. From your Manila Bulletin Tech Family, happy Mother’s Day to all moms!