Would you wear these bra top and shorts made of backpacks?

Published May 7, 2021, 11:35 AM

by John Legaspi

ICYMI: Jansports released a sustainable collection with New York-based designer Nicole McLauglin

Nicole McLaughlin wearing the collection’s JanShorts and Jan-Sports Bra
During our young schooling days, apart from our friends, nothing could be more dependable than our backpacks. It efficiently carried our things for us to easily walk, gave us free hands, and, being at the back, helped some with their posture.
Paying homage to the importance of backpacks and the Earth, bag brand Jansports launched last month its collaboration collection with New York-based designer Nicole McLaughlin, a master of upcycling.
“We are thrilled to be working with Nicole to further our message and mission of making fashion more sustainable,” commented Roger Spatz, president at JanSport. “By transforming samples from our warehouse and pre-worn packs sourced from warranty centers, we are able to keep products out of landfills and support the Slow Factory Foundation with some of our most recognizable and iconic imagery.”
The Nicole McLaughlin Upcycled Jansport Charitable Collection
Dubbed as “The Nicole McLaughlin Upcycled Jansport Charitable Collection,” the line is the brand’s latest step toward sustainable fashion. The designer helped in reimagining the iconic bags into six new pieces, both wearable and not. The collection features the backpack turned into shorts, bra top, slippers, fishing vest, and a directors chair.
“My love for JanSport has only grown over the years. It’s my earliest backpack memory, so to work with them on this capsule collection using samples and worn pieces to highlight sustainability feels predestined,” said Nicole. “I hope when people see the pieces, they not only understand the importance of extending the life of products through repair and upcycling but how much you can make with them.”
Here’s to eco-friendly fashion and more spacious pockets!

See the entire collection here.