'Mag-community pantry ka na lang': Nebrija tells Bosita to 'move on' from slippers issue

Published May 5, 2021, 10:32 AM

by Ellson Quismorio

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic czar Edison “Bong” Nebrija delivered zinger after zinger to Riders’ Safety Advocates of the Philippines (RSAP) members on their own Facebook page following a supposed attempt there to revive the “slippers” issue.

MMDA traffic czar Edison “Bong” Nebrija (Photo from Nebrija’s Facebook)

Not one to back down from his detractors on social media, Nebrija advised RSAP founder Bonifacio Bosita to just “move on” and “level up” from the issue as there are other, more pressing concerns in the country that need to be addressed.

“Ako pa rin ang pulutan dito? Di pa rin kayo makamove on Bonnie (Bonifacio) at tsinelas pa rin topic mo. Hindi nyo ba concern sa grupo nyo ang COVID at tsinelas na lang lagi nasa utak nyo? (Am I still the hot topic here? You haven’t moved on Bonnie and you’re still talking about slippers. Isn’t COVID a concern of your group and you always think about slippers?)” Nebrija wrote in a series of comments on the RSAP page Tuesday, May 4.

(Screengrab from RSAP Facebook page)

What triggered the EDSA traffic disciplinarian was a post supposedly written by Bosita earlier that day wherein the latter brought up the slippers controversy again–along with Nebrija’s name–over two months after it first became viral.

It was back in March when online followers of the two engaged in a debate over the correctness of an MMDA traffic enforcer’s apprehension of a motorcycle-riding couple whose back-rider wore slippers instead of shoes.

Bosita sided with the couple and emasculated the enforcer on EDSA, while Nebrija insisted that due process should have been followed.

“Paano kung di ko na kayo papatulan ano na ang content nyo? (What would be your content if I stop reacting to you?)” asked Nebrija. Bosita, a retired police colonel, is also a popular content creator on YouTube.

“Mas maraming problema kaysa sa tsinelas. Like food security, national security at health security….alam nyo ba yun? Oh baka puro motor at traffic na lang kayo. Maglevel up na kayo. Sayang naman itong grupo na ito napako na lang sa tsinelas. Hanap naman kayo ng iba na hahatak sa inyo na makilala (There are more problems out there than slippers. Like food security, national security and health security…are you aware of those things or are you all about motorcycle and traffic? Why don’t you level up. It would be a shame if this group gets stuck on slippers. Look for other people that will make you popular),” the MMDA official said.

(Screengrab from RSAP Facebook page)

Nebrija went on to suggest to Bosita that he establish a community pantry instead of continuing his “obsession” with slippers.

“Magcommunity pantry ka na Lang o kaya yung drive thru pantry ng LMFI maganda yun dapat ganun ang ginagawa mo. Puro tsinelas di ka pa ba nauumay. Kung magsenador ka hanggang dyan na lang ang batas na mapapanukala mo, tsinelas (Just set up a community pantry or a drive-through pantry, that’s a good idea, you should’ve done that. Haven’t you had enough about slippers? If you become a senator then all your bills will be about slippers),” he further said.

RSAP founder Bonifacio Bosita (Photo from RSAP Facebook page)

‘”Di ko na kayo papatulan at wala naman kayong ibang alam pagusapan kundi tsinelas. Ako meron akong pinagkakaabalahan maliban sa inyo (Since slippers is all you can talk about, I will no longer react to you. I have other things to attend to aside from you),” he said.