Adjeng’s momentum

Published May 4, 2021, 2:53 PM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment


Back in the day, artists would have to buy time to release their next recordings to maximize the traditional route of promoting their current singles.

As digital format is now the norm, and there’s even a new normal going on, releasing songs in quick succession may just be the right fit for today’s listening public. When listeners have short attention spans, the key must be to assure them you have enough material to keep them looking ahead.

Lady singer Adjeng, who just last month released her debut digital single “O Sige Lang” to relatively rousing reviews from music critics and industry friends, obviously understood the current flow of things. She’s releasing a follow-up called “If Only” barely a month after the aforementioned song.

“I want to release a new single every month as much as possible. I like the momentum, and I embrace the challenge of being on my toes creatively,” she argued.

Big thanks to the good feedback on her still-fresh debut offering which had been touted as a breath of fresh air. Its perked up romantic feel reminiscent of Filipino classic pop made this follow-up shot highly anticipated, even recommendable.

Adjeng pointed out, “I want to follow it up right away so that they can enjoy something new while still chewing on a previous release.”

That’s easier said than done, though. Good thing the progressively empowered artist is on a creative streak amidst the pandemic and has a competent collaborator in melody maker Nino Regalado whom she met when her college band fronted for Ogie Alcasid in the mid-90s. Their duo’s songwriting tandem, with Adjeng as lyricist, made it to the Finals of the Levi Celerio Music Festival with a song called “OK,” and thereafter became frequent finalists in other national songwriting competitions. They also wrote “O Sige Lang” together.

Adjeng is also busy collaborating with her bandmates in Wink, her group affiliation that released a full-length album during the Pinoy band wave in the mid-2000s. The talented pool led by Adjeng, with Junjun Regalado on drums, Adam Cesante on guitars, and JC Magsalin on bass, will likewise release originals in digital platforms later this year.

The singing family woman who also takes pride as a worship leader humbly shared, “God has given me this blessed opportunity to stay creative, productive, and passionate during these uncertain times.”

With musical influences known for their brilliant songwriting, like Michael Jackson, and distinctive voice, say, Karen Carpenter, Adjeng is geared towards performing and composing in the manner of classic, revered artists. Well, she’s a class act and to hear her is to believe.

She further expressed, “I want the public to see me as someone who uses her authentic voice to create insightful content that inspires. I aspire to always work with focus, passion, and integrity. I want them to feel things and emotions when they hear me sing and listen to my songs.”

Furthermore she said, “If I am able to refresh others with the words I write and the songs I sing to glorify God mightily in the process, then I would say I have fulfilled my very purpose of being a musician and an artist.”

Adjeng’s second single “If Only” will be dropped in digital stories on May 14. A virtual listening party for the track is scheduled a day before (May 13) at 8 pm via the ADJENG (Musician) Facebook page to be hosted by broadcaster DJ Trish.