The vivo Y20s [G]: Stay winning with a gaming smartphone that matches your speed

Published April 22, 2021, 9:58 AM

by MB Technews

In the art of mobile gaming, both gamer skill and his machine should match to keep on winning, and thanks to performance smartphones like the vivo Y20s [G] equipping players with a performance processor that’s boosted by the MediaTek HyperEngine, and a long-lasting battery, gamers get a thrilling and satisfying gaming experience.

Victory is sweeter with the vivo Y20s [G]. It is powered by MediaTek Helio G80 that supports faster load time, more efficient connectivity and better visual quality in mobile games, and a 5000mAh battery that makes winning moments longer for a budget-friendly price of PHP9999.

For those who are ahead of the pack or those determined to master a new game faster, the vivo Y20s [G] got you covered with its Helio G80 octa-core processor. It records a speed of up to 2.0 GHz (Gigahertz) which offers 98% more power than its predecessors.

Raising the mobile gaming experience of the vivo Y20s [G] is the MediaTek HyperEngine. It makes load times faster by increasing the phone’s response to the touchscreen, making it extra sensitive to the touch input and giving its users a split-second advantage against the competition.

In boosting connectivity performance, MediaTek optimizes latency by carefully managing different connections like game controllers and headsets that are often connected via bluetooth and the smartphone’s connection to Wi-Fi. Its multi-peripheral coexistence mechanism maintains a smooth and seamless flow of these many connections.

On visual quality, MediaTek mirrors its expertise in premium TVs to smartphone displays as MediaTek MiraVision enhances in-game image quality real-time which makes for a lower action-to-display latency. Sealing the richness of the visuals are better contrast, texture sharpness, and fine details, further enhanced with vivo Y20s [G] Halo FullView Display.

What are these features for without solid power supply? The vivo Y20s [G] has a 5000mAh battery and an 18W fast charge for ultra-fast charging.

Punctuating its incredible gaming specs with a little bit of style and more ease of use is its side-mounted fingerprint scanner that makes unlocking super convenient. Now that’s a sophisticated way to start and end exhilarating gaming moments.