#FEUHSDoBetter trends after reported sexual abuse incidents surfaced online

The hashtag FEUHSDoBetter trended on Twitter Monday, April 19 after incidents of sexual abuse involving some of its faculty members of the school triggered social media outcry.

(feuhighschool.edu.ph / FILE PHOTO)

As of this writing, the #FEUHSDoBetter has 4,532 tweets.

Twitter user with handl @yooeraser said, “I can't take harassment situations of students in #FEUHSDoBetter. it's a different kind of trauma but finally they have the voice to speak out which is good. y'all so brave to open up, hoping for the justice they deserved.”

@russelbatss added that: “Schools should be a safe space for students and not a place where they can be sexually harassed, groomed, and exploited. Unfortunately, this sense of safety was compromised.”

For user @ayumiedesilvaa, the thread related to #FEUHSDoBetter are nothing but heartbreaking: “I just felt sad hearing the stories about those predator profs. They felt safe after graduation because it might affect the victims' grades or more their diplomas. We demand accountability. We demand safe spaces. You are our teacher, mentor, our second parents.”

On Facebook, Far Eastern University (FEU) High School posted on April 19 a statement urging the community to report the said incidents to the Human Resources Office after it has “received social media mentions of sexual harassment supposedly involving some of its faculty members.”

FEU HS also condemned “in the strongest terms” the reports of alleged sexual harassment - adding that the school administration “takes these claims seriously.” It also urged the students involved to “report these kinds of incidents” through email along with “supporting evidence so these matters may be handled accordingly.”

Affected students, FEU HS said, may also “seek assistance from their respective guidance counselors” and assured that “the identities of the parties involved shall be strictly kept confidential.”

FEU added that “all efforts are being made to maintain a safe school environment free from any gender-based sexual harassment.”

However, the school received a backlash from netizens after it has issued the statement. @hxllyvail said: “when secrecy fails, these predators will attempt to attack the validity. when the victims speak up, they will try to ensure nobody listens. FEUHS, it’s high time you listen and take action. Student welfare naman.”

@jamesmtra also slammed the school saying: “Condemned lang?? Seriously?? They deserve better. They need immediate actions. Give them accountability, immediate investigations, and justice.”

Meanwhile, @garamondblack said: “I think it is not fair not to speak up. The victims have been silenced for too long already. The persons whoever they are should be held accountable for the actions they made. No exceptions. Do the right thing and uphold your values. Do better, FEU High School.”

Other groups also expressed support to the victims of the alleged incidents like ANAKBAYAN MORAYTA SHS.

Issuing a statement of condemnation, ANAKBAYAN MORAYTA SHS expressed solidarity with a “wide range of FEU High School community and students in their condemnation of sexual abuse and grooming of students taking place within the court.”

“Academic institutions like FEU should remember its mandate to students in a safe educational institution-a safe educational institution can only be implemented if the FEU administration strictly responds to cases of sexual abuse of their staff,” it added.