Community pantries pop up in Pasay

Published April 19, 2021, 5:41 PM

by Dhel Nazario

“Buhay ang Bayanihan spirit.”

This was the remark of Melynn Alipio Limjap, one of the organizers of the community pantry at the corner of Camia and  Ruiz de Guzman Streets in Barangay 136, Pasay City, which opened on Monday, April 19. 

“Madaming nangangailangan. Madami din gustong tumulong kahit sa maliit na paraan (More people are in need. More people  want to help even in small ways),” she said.

Limjap and her friend Abby de Leon launched the community pantry in their area in coordination with Barangay 136 and its captain Krissy de Guia-Yambot. She said they were moved by the initial idea in Quezon City and decided to follow suit.

Other than food items like vegetables, rice, canned goods; bath soaps and detergents were donated to the pantry.

The family of Mary Jane Sison Flor in Barangay 185 in Pasay City also gave their share on Monday.

“Seeing my neighbors in need of food and some of them doesn’t have work, I just can’t sleep properly at night, asking myself ‘what if I’m in their position’? And also the government assistance isn’t enough for them,” she told Manila Bulletin.

The Malibay Community Pantry, which can cater to 100 persons, also opened Monday afternoon.

The phrase “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan (Give what you can, take what you need)”, which originated from the first community pantry on Maginhawa Street in Quezon City, can also be seen in the new ones.