Jobs for tech graduates continue to rise

Published April 18, 2021, 7:00 AM

by Bernie Cahiles-Magkilat

As the shift to digitalization continued to pressure businesses and organizations, schools are also expected to ramp up their operations to produce IT graduates needed to fill up the huge manpower demand.

In a webinar conducted by iACADEMY, a school in Makati that specializes on Computing,  iACADEMY’s Web Development Program Chair Bennett Tanyag cited the tremendous increase in demand for computing jobs.

“Despite of the effects of the pandemic, the need for computing jobs have increased tremendously. This is because of the need of businesses to digitize their services and put them on the internet to survive.

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Businesses with strong internet presence and optimal overall user experience in their websites are the ones that have flourished during this crisis,” said the web development expert and professor,” said Tanyag.

As such, Tanyag said iACADEMY is prepared to offer their expertise to students who would like to have a career in IT. 

Tanyag said that iACADEMY is known for 96 percent placement rate of its graduates. According to Tanyag its Web Development Program is the answer to the demand of the industry.

He is proud of iACADEMY rockstar professors, who are also industry practitioners. It boasts of a state of the art facilities that cover almost 200 high-end computers for students. 

Most importantly, he said, iACADEMY gives proper importance to real world applications of theories learned in the classroom. This is met through iACADEMY’s Internship Program which gives students 960 hours of work experience with the support of its over 200 industry partners.

“iACADEMY will continue to uphold its character of being different, bold, and game changing through the web development program. Ready to bring out to the world only the bravest, smartest, and most significant gifted students that will answer to the needs of the world for tech professionals and web developers,” said iACADEMY’s School of Computing Dean Mitch Andaya in the same webinar. 

iACADEMY’s School of Computing has been chosen as the education partners of Amazon Web Services, Unity, Linux Professional Institute, and Python Institute.

Andaya stressed that the worldwide pandemic that started in 2020 has really changed the lives of everyone around the globe.

In order to adapt, most businesses, if not all, have transferred their structures into the online setup and have digitized their services to fit in the world of the new normal wherein going out of the house is not the best option to do things. This transfer from physical structures to the online internet world has brought a need for more web developers and tech professionals. The pandemic accelerated the need to digitize and pushed the demand for web developers and their overall expertise on user experience of the internet.

This led to the sudden increase in the demand for tech professionals and web developers.  Although this increase did not happen overnight since it has always been a steady growing industry. 

The difference is that today, even traditional businesses and/or small time players have realized the potential of having their presence online. This realization has resulted in the boom in demand for web developers to create, design, and maintain websites for businesses across different industries. 

iACADEMY even noted that many companies involved in the software industry are saying that only 55 percent of the computing talent demand is being met. This means a deficit of 45 percent that companies need to fill up at the soonest possible time.  

The school expects this deficit to increase further within the next few years unless more people are trained in the field of computing and web development. iACADEMY quoted a report from Jobstreet that as of March 2021, there are over 12,000 jobs available in the Philippines. These vacancies are for IT specialists, software engineers, and web developers.