DNA results, alleged sun dancing this Sunday on ‘KMJS’

Published April 17, 2021, 6:45 AM

by Manila Bulletin Entertainment

Jessica Soho

Sunday evenings are bound to be entertaining and engaging with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS).

This week, KMJS investigates the alleged phenomenon of the sun “dancing” believed to be caught in a video in Agusan. While in Cebu, a faith healer believes that he gets his healing powers from the dancing sun.

Meanwhile, since we can’t still travel because of the lockdown, KMJS takes viewers on a virtual tour to some of the hottest destinations in the country today – a mountain resort with a Paris-vibe in Bataan and a luxury resort in Siargao touted as one of 2021 Best Holiday Destinations.

In Misamis Occidental, residents are now too scared to open their doors to visitors after news circulated about a cult knocking on doors to kill people.

What’s in a name?! The creative minds of netizens were tickled and tested as they came up with the funniest and wittiest surnames for single-name celebrities such as Nina, Sitti, and even Mahal!

Charene appears sweet and pretty on social media. But when chat mates finally get to see her in person, they suddenly lose their interest in her. What did they discover?

Finally, the much-awaited DNA tests of Teresa, Corazon and Victor will be revealed this Sunday. Will Teresa and Corazon’s six-decade search for their sibling be finally concluded?

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