Former Miss Universe Margie Moran gets first COVID-19 jab in Forbes Park

Published April 16, 2021, 7:02 PM

by Robert Requintina

Margie Moran gets her first COVID-19 vaccine in Makati City

Former Miss Universe Margie Moran finally got her first COVID-19 vaccine on Friday, April 16, saying that she feels more secure now.

On Instagram April 16, it showed that Moran got her Sinovac vaccine at North Forbes Park Pavilion in Makati City.

Moran, 67, said that she feels more secure now after she received her first shot.

Her full post:

“My first jab of the vaccine. I feel more secure now because I know I will not get very sick if I get infected again.

“Looking forward to the 2nd jab. Apparently EU countries will make it difficult for non royals to enter their country.

“But at least we will be easily allowed entry into China. With me is the Kapitana of Barangay Forbes, Evangeline T. Manotok #sinovac #firstjab

Moran is the country’s second Miss Universe. She won the crown in Greece in 1973.