Are mobile games good for you? vivo thinks so

Published April 15, 2021, 8:44 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

It is a common misconception that mobile games are bad for one’s health. With the explosion of gaming during quarantine, many mobile users have experienced its benefits, starting with treating it as a fun distraction from all the pandemic stress. 

vivo Y20s

Here, vivo highlights how mobile games may actually be good for players. 

Gives that sense of being ‘in control’ to combat anxiety 

In a moment when people have less control on the outcome of events, mobile gamers feel empowered by dominating a challenge that’s literally in the palm of their hands. 

In a study published on the US National Library of Medicine, researchers observed games minimize exhaustion caused by stresses in the real world by giving players an environment where they have more control of things. In fact, gamification is an increasingly used technique to ensure the effectiveness of wellness apps used to fight anxiety and depression. 

Mobile games boost brain power 

Granting you’ve chosen the right games, they actually help in keeping your brain engaged by improving spatial awareness and in boosting memory. 

In particular, playing games is a good exercise to make the human brain remember things better. A study by neurobiologists at the University of California- Irvine (UCI) found 3D video games boost the formation of memories. 

Global Positioning System or GPS-centered mobile games, on the other hand, are effective in improving spatial awareness. Knowing your surroundings would be enhanced further by using smartphones that have accurate positioning service, like the vivo Y20s [G] that has an excellent positioning system through the MediaTek Helio G80 octa-core processor. 

Improves problem-solving skills 

As life in the time of the pandemic becomes more complex, it would be good to get a fun problem-solving coach. With the richness of the challenges in games, problem-solving skills are harnessed with the desire to win. Chilean health researchers concluded in a study that since most games are episodic, they teach human brains to not stop until the challenge is completed or the problem solved. 

Makes people more social by bringing them together 

Most mobile games help users build a social community. They’re played together and simultaneously by gamers from different parts of the world which is an effective way to shake-off isolation loneliness. 

For some people, communicating with others can be a challenge. Increased social interaction through games that involve multiple players can help them overcome those fears or awkwardness

It would then be a bonus to have a faster system as you make connections with other gamers. vivo Y20s [G]’s HyperEngine Game Technology speeds up game load times and takes care of latency issues for those extended social play times. 

As most of the country continues to stay home, it should be a comforting realization that mobile games do not only ease boredom. It also gives players several health benefits, if playing games is properly managed in terms of time spent and frequency.