ARTA welcomes creation of new anti-red tape office

Published April 14, 2021, 12:16 PM

by Argyll Cyrus Geducos

The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) welcomed the creation of a new office that will focus on expediting government transactions, saying the agency can do so much in the fight against red tape.

ARTA Director-General Jeremiah Belgica made the statement after President Duterte issued Executive Order (EO) No. 129 that creates the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Streamlining of Government Processes (OPASGP).

In his statement, Belgica lauded the new office’s creation because it will help ARTA eradicate red tape in government.

“For three years, ARTA has been in the forefront in the battle against red tape. However, it can only do so much with its gargantuan task,” he said.

“Among the many programs and projects that we have been working on [including] the monitoring of processes related to the government’s COVID-19 response as well as the automation and streamlining of over a thousand local governments in the country,” he added.

ARTA participated in the drafting of the Executive Order that established OPASGP.

Meanwhile, Belgica welcomed the appointment of former Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. as the head of the said office.

“With Secretary Evasco now on board our reform train against red tape, we are confident that all our efforts will not go to waste,” he said.

“He will surely facilitate in shepherding and coordinating them straight to the President being a longtime confidant of the Chief Executive,” he added.

Belgica said ARTA will keep doing its job as OPASGP’s partner on the ground.

Based on the EO, the main function of the OPASGP is to “advise and recommend to the President or the ARTA, evidence-based policies, programs, measures and strategies that will further simplify processes and cut red-tape in the Executive branch as well as local government units (LGUs), and expedite the delivery of public goods and services to the Filipino people.”

It shall also monitor the implementation of anti-red tape laws and recommend sanctions against erring government officials and employees.