This artist champions feminism through her art

Published April 13, 2021, 4:32 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

FYA! Maruja Panti is painting her name in international exhibits and competitions

MULTI-FACETED Maruja Panti is a licensed civil engineer, a painter, and a tattoo artist

In the middle of isolation, feminist artist Maruja Panti has blossomed even more, joining different art exhibits and competitions both local and international. Just recently, the engineer hailing from Virac, Catanduanes was named one of the best artists at this year’s “Innovation in Daily Life” challenge, an art competition organized by the International Art Program and ArtBook The Platform (Germany), for her piece titled “Beautiful Progress.”

Short profile

I’m Maruja Panti, a self-made artist and art enthusiast. By profession, I am a licensed civil engineer with a master’s degree in public administration. Aside from painting images, I’m also a tattoo artist. 

How would you describe your art and yourself as an artist?

I believe that my art goes beyond its form. In itself, it’s a dialogue about feminism, beauty, and the contemporary struggles of people, especially, of women today. As a self-proclaimed feminist, I get inspiration from women, portraying them mostly as bearers of hope and weavers of dreams, which make our life definitely wonderful and worth living. I paint within the realm of my bias for the environment and personal advocacy.

‘Beautiful Progress’

Where do you draw inspiration for your works?

Aside from women empowerment, I am fascinated with people in general. As an artist, the daily grind of people from all sorts of life is a gem worth a space in my artworks. 

Do you have particularly favorite piece that you have done? Which is it and why?

Basically, all of my works, represent a piece of me, of my soul. But, of course, I have these personal favorites. There are two paintings that are indeed very dear to me. These are “Sunset in my Eyes” and “The Guardian.” I consider them masterpieces for they are deeply connected to me, and to persons very dear to me. 

‘The Guardian’

What is your personal opinion about young people pursuing arts, whether as a passion or a profession? 

To those young and aspiring artists, I only wish them all the best. Pursue arts if this is something you truly want and if you have the God-given talent. Remember, not everyone has been given the gift, the opportunity to express creatively. Be persistent and be yourself. 

Maruja is part of “Expo Mundo España” a month-long group exhibit in Spain this month of April 2021.