Carlo Aquino hits back at netizen’s death threat against his baby

Published April 12, 2021, 12:02 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Actor Carlo Aquino is the latest celebrity-parent whose kid fell victim to cyberbullying.

Recently, Carlo shared a screenshot of a conversation where a netizen was threatening his seven-month-old baby girl Elona Mithi.

“Ful-grown adults who make fake accounts to do this. Ano na ang nangyari sa mundong ito. Papano kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang ninyo? Magkano sinasahod niyo para gawin ito? Worth it ba?,” he wrote.

While his girlfriend and mother of their love child Trina Candaza reposted his Instagram story.

“Nakakagalit mga ganitong klase ng basher mga salot kayo. puro kayo fake account, pero takot na takot ipakita mga pag mumukha niyo.”

Many fans were worried about such “cruel” action, encouraging the couple to seek NBI Cybercrime’s help to find the culprit.

The couple also realized it is no longer a simple bashing these days.

Indeed, social media has so many downsides. A few days ago, celebrity couple Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador also slammed bashers who made fun of their son Jude.