JK Labajo commends Baron Geisler for being a good person

Published April 11, 2021, 11:06 AM

by Neil Patrick Nepomuceno

JK Labajo

OPM singer-songwriter JK Labajo has revived his Instagram account, and one of his recent posts is about actor Baron Geisler.

JK started his post saying: “People are too quick to judge other people without knowing anything about them. JK is actually a really nice guy.”

“Pero seryoso ang bait ni bro Baron Geisler. People shouldn’t be too quick to judge especially by just basing it off whatever they see in the internet,” He added.

Baron Geisler

The “Buwan” singer went on to share some quotes about kindness, respect and love while reminding everyone to stay safe.

Known for his self-titled rock band and hit songs, “Demonyo” and “Buwan,” JK, 20, announced that he will leave the social media platform for a while in August 2020.

He returned to the platform last January 10. His most recent post about Baron was uploaded last Saturday.

His identical Facebook post about Baron got more attention, garnering over 200,000 reactions and mixed opinions from netizens.