KC Concepcion affirms love for Sharon Cuneta

Published April 9, 2021, 12:34 PM

by Neil Ramos

As if only too eager to downplay any and all speculations about her and mother Sharon Cuneta supposedly not on good terms again, KC Concepcion published on social media a lovely letter for her mom.

She wrote, “La Reina 👑 The ketchup to my fries. The Kris to my Kylie (ok no but whatever). The naughty to my nice (or maybe the other way around).

“Thank you for bringing me to the world, raising me and doing the best you could at 19 for your Easter baby! You instilled in me so much about love, work and life. You made me both strong and vulnerable, independent but sensitive, you’ve made me resilient.

“You always said the best lessons learned in life are learned outside of the 4 walls of the classroom! So true! Thinking of you Mama and love you…”

Fans were touched with the gesture.

Some of the comments:


“So beautiful!!”

“Stay happy you two!!”

Only a day ago, KC also posted a throwback photo of her and dad, Gabby Concepcion.

Note that KC celebrated her 36th birthday last April 7, with Gabby’s family in Batangas.

Many fans actually wondered why.

Some believed KC and the Megastar were having one of their tiffs again.

Obviously, they’re wrong.