Janella Salvador slams basher who made fun of her son

Published April 7, 2021, 9:49 AM

by Robert Requintina

Janella Salvador and son Jude Paterson

Actress Janella Salvador took to Twitter on Wednesday, April 7, to slam a basher who allegedly made fun of her son’s face.

On Twitter April 7, Janella wrote: “Your humor must be really fxxxd up to make fun of a baby. I can take all the bashing in the world directed at me with grace, but direct it at my innocent son and you’ll definitely hear from me.

“PS you sure about making fun of Jude’s face? You sure, bud? Sure na? Yikes. Ayt.”

Janella uploaded on Twitter a screenshot of her alleged basher.

Netizens rushed to Janella to defend her and her baby.

“That’s how toxic here in Philippines now. So sad how social media became this toxic. How I wish we’re back to the Pet Society, Restaurant City, Farmville days in Facebook, instead of hating, bashing and toxic posts.”

“That’s the right thing to do. Expose that naive.”

“Bakit kung sino pa panget sila pa malakas manglait”

“Baby pa lang si Jude pero kita naman na mas gwapo na sa kanya. lol”

“Just be [email protected],as long as your wala kang gingawang mali sa knila. But of course you are a mother na,you will do everything for your son.”