The truth about Ellen Adarna’s engagement ring

Published April 6, 2021, 4:08 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

With almost every woman swooning over the beautiful pear-shaped engagement ring that Derek Ramsey used to propose to Ellen Adarna, it was no surprise that there would be rumors circulating related to it. One, that this was an old engagement ring he bought for his former girlfriends; and two, that he made an exchange deal agreement with a jeweller.

Last night, the newly engaged couple were G3 San Diego’s special guests and G3 couldn’t help but ask about the ring. “Basta! It’s not important. Price doesn’t matter, because Ellen’s not that type of girl,” says Derek who also noted that the he was supposed to proposed on March 30, but the ring was only done on April 2, on Ellen’s birthday.

“It just came out perfect. When I saw it, it was just really beautiful. I wanted the stone to speak for itself,” he talks about the viral engagement ring. And so, he had to shift gears and changed all the plans he made that day. Turning the surprise party into an evening of asking her to be his wife.

He also revealed that his mom offered to provide the engagement ring, “My mom was going to give me a 7.8-carat diamond ring to give to Ellen… I want to purchase this one,” he adds. “There is no ex-deal here. Nothing of the sort. My god, ang cheap naman noon. This is me getting married. This is me proposing. Hindi ko nga tinanggap yun 7.8-carat diamond from my mom, di ba?”