Laguna vs Camarines in PCAP grand finals

Published April 3, 2021, 9:26 AM

by Carlo Anolin

The Laguna Heroes and the Camarines Soaring Eagles are set to meet in the PCAP grand finals to be held virtually Saturday night, April 3.

Northern kings Laguna, led by GMs Banjo Barcenilla and John Paul Gomez and FIDE Master Austin Jacob Literatus, will clash against the southern rulers Camarines, spearheaded by GM Mark Paragua, Ellan Asuela and Christian Mark Daluz.

The Heroes, who are shooting for their first-ever PCAP title, earlier swept the San Juan Predators, 3-0, through an Armageddon tiebreaker en route to the Northern Conference Finals crown.

Barcenilla downed GM Oliver Barbosa, Gomez trounced FM Arden Reyes, and Literatus beat International Master Ricardo de Guzman.

Laguna also toppled San Juan in the first match, 12.5-8.5, before settling for a 10.5 deadlock on the second day.

The Eagles, for their part, edged the Iloilo Kisela Knights, 2-1, to conquer the southern division in their version of Armageddon play.

Paragua and Asuela bested GM Joey Antonio and Fritz Bryan Porras but National Master Victor Choa of Iloilo outsmarted Daluz to avoid the sweep.

The Eagles and the Knights, earlier, also split the score 11.5-9.5, 10-11, in their initial matches which forced an Armageddon play.