Derek Ramsey posts another sweet snap with Ellen Adarna

Published April 2, 2021, 9:56 AM

by Robert Requintina

Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna

Actor Derek Ramsey has shared another sweet photo with his fiancee Ellen Adarna.

On Instagram, Derek wrote: “Love you dai!!”

Adarna commented: “Che!!! Ahahahahahah.”

Fans defended Derek and Ellen from criticisms following their engagement recently. Here are some of their comments:

“People kept bashing this couple because of the short span they’ve been together. What they do not realize is that when you find that person whom you see yourself growing old with, you need to grab the opportunity to make him/her yours. Tinatanong niyo bakit kay Ellen ng propose agad agad? Bakit hindi niyo tanungin, Bakit sa iba, hindi ginawa agad agad? Kasi, yung taong makikita mo na ibabalik ka sa saya at gana mong mabuhay, bibihira yon.”

“So glad! I can relate jud.. maybe others wouldn’t understand how it works so fast for the both of you. But yes! Love works in mysterious ways.. u just know it.”

“Have u read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho? when the universe conspired…. that’s what happened to Derek and Ellen their stars and universe were aligned, congratulations to the both of u.”


“Derek is so inlove with Ellen. Hindi naman sya ganyan dati sa mga ex nya. Finally, nakita na nya ang “the one”.

“You know guys men love women who are damn real. My husband proposed to me when we are 2 months together as a couple. After 2 more months we got married. His reason? It’s too hard to handle and too fun to be with. In short he sees everything i can offer in just those months kasi hindi ako plastic eh. My ex proposed to me too, why? Because of me being real. No pretensions. Sinabi nila yun, iisa ng answer. That’s what they love about women. I said yes to my husband because I felt that he is the one for me. May mga tao talagang mararamdaman mong siya na. Kahit gaano pa kayo katagal. Kahit alam mong madami ka pang pwedeng malaman pero if you feel it then you will do it. It’s just that DEREK WHO IS EXPECTED NOT TO MARRY ANYONE MADE HIM PROPOSED TO ELLEN IN JUST A MONTH. ELLEN LANG MALAKAS!”