Here are the teams representing the Philippines at the Asia-Pacific League 2020/21 Grand Final

Published April 1, 2021, 9:30 AM

by Jonathan Castillo

With the commencement of the Asia-Pacific Predator League 2020/21 Grand Final, fans who were left on-edge are now ready to be hyped up.

It’s time to wave your flag! Included in the roster of participants are teams from the Philippines who are more than ready to go head-to-head with other regions for this online-only tournament on April 6 to 11! So, who are these teams?

Dota 2 fans are in for a treat as the most sought-after teams across Asia-Pacific go head-to-head for the Dota 2 sub-tournaments. Revel in awe with TNC Predator’s legacy of carrying the region’s banner in the international stage. The team recently made a big decision to keep its roster all-Filipino with the addition of Boomy and Bok. Alongside them are Armel, Gabbi, and Tims. 

TNC Predator

From one dominating Philippine esports team to another, Neon Esports is parading its lineup consisting of Filipino superstars, Natsumi, Japoy, Skem, Jau, and Playhard. Much to the delight of the fans, Reckoning Esports secured its spot in the tournament to further spice up the competition.

Neon Esports

Lastly for Dota 2, Reckoning Esports, an organization that has made waves since 2017 is ready to battle it out with the big guns with their lineup including FLYSOLO, JG, Ken, LuziFy, Rupido, Sam H and Teehee. 

Reckoning Esports

On the other side of the arena, three Philippine are ready to get their guns out in the popular battle royale game, PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). First is ArkAngel Esports who had a great run in the first PUBG Continental Series last year, hoping they can get the fire burning to this year’s Predator League. Their line-up includes Aljnbotz, Ceejay18, Evlptrick, MAD DOG and Nann. 

ArkAngel Predator

The brotherhood of TroubleMaku will also attempt to take home the championship as well as the up-and-coming Gamers Lounge with Aleccccc, Burninggg, Kalbs, Momonjiii, and zFoggyDew respectively. 


Last but definitely not the least, a team worth looking out for, Gamers Lounge will make an entry with their talented roster of players namely Aiisuuuu, Bonskrrr, Haimerej and MadeYouSmile.

Gamers Lounge

Support and cheer on our local teams as the season begins on April 6 to April 11, 2021. For more information regarding tournament schedules and programs, follow Acer’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Matches will be broadcasted on Acer Predator’s Facebook and Twitch channels. Let the games begin!