TIMELINE: Derek Ramsay, Ellen Adarna engagement

Published March 31, 2021, 12:35 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Four months ago, Derek Ramsay said he has yet to move on from his failed romance with Andrea Torres.

But the hunk star has proven that love moves in mysterious ways.

It was early this year when photos and videos of Derek and Ellen Adarna making sweet music together started circulating after Ruffa Gutierrez shared the couple’s “walang malisya” photo.

The snap was taken during Derek’s dinner party at his home.

Later, Ruffa teased her neighbors that Derek and Ellen are “bagay.”

Though both stars are single, many are not happy about the brewing romance.

In fact, they received so much bashing, that Ellen once denied that she is “malandi” and refuted the allegations that she is after Derek.

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But despite naysayers, the two got closer even more, being spotted together too often — from Ellen doing her press conference at Derek’s crib, to them staying in the same resort.

Ellen celebrated Valentine’s Day with Derek and his family.

Many got more curious about the real score between the two that even comedian Ogie Diaz shared his two cents.

A few days later, Derek and Ellen become more open to their relationship, sharing photos of a road trip among others.

Ellen seems like a “willing victim” after she sided with Derek when some fans cautioned her that the hunk actor is doing all he could simply to charm her pants off.

Derek and Ellen continued to share “sweet and clingy” photos, until they finally revealed they are indeed lovers last month.

Then, early this month, Derek declared Ellen “The One.”

Last March 4, they celebrated their first “month-sary.”

Derek reacted to naysayers tagging him as “instant tatay” to Elias, Ellen’ love child with ex-partner John Lloyd Cruz.

Before the month ended, Derek asked for Ellen’s hand in marriage.